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Fraud Prevention


We certainly understand member concerns about online banking security and we encourage members to take precautions to keep their personal information secure.  An important step to take is to periodically change your passwords.

If you receive communication(s), such as an email, text message, or a telephone call supposedly initiated by USECU requesting personal account information, it is a scam.   USECU will never request personal account information.  USECU has no desire to obtain information about you; we already have your information on file.

Should you receive one of these emails or text messages:

  • Do not reply to it.
  • Do not click a link, if one is provided.
  • Do not supply any requested information.
  • Be suspicious!  Legitimate companies do not ask for this information.


What Else Can You Do?


Keep your computer secure

Set up screen-lock passwords on all phones, tablets, and computers.  Equip your computers with virus and spyware protection software and keep your computer operating systems and browsers updated. 

Browse safely

Avoid using Home Banking while on public Wi-Fi networks; use your cell phone data connection instead. Don’t allow browsers to remember your passwords for financial sites or sites where you shop, and only log in to sites with secure browsing (look for “https” in the URL instead of “http”). 

Protect your PIN

Never share your PIN (Personal Identification Number) with others, and be careful when entering your PIN.  Pay attention to your surroundings in the checkout line or at an ATM and shield the keypad from other’s view while entering your PIN.

Protect your debit card from skimming

Before you use your debit or credit card at an ATM, store, or gas pump, take a good look at the card payment terminal to see if it looks suspicious.  Extra parts sticking out or loose pieces may indicate the presence of a skimming device that thieves use to capture card information. 

Stay safe, go paperless

Paperless banking reduces the risks of mail fraud.  Set up direct deposit of paychecks, government checks, and pensions, subsequently avoiding lost or stolen check issues.  Sign up for paperless eStatements in Home Banking.



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