Online Bill Pay

USECU's Bill Pay service is free to all members with a checking account!  Pay your bills conveniently and efficiently, 24 hours a day, from your computer or mobile device.  No more checks to write, envelopes to lick, or stamps to buy!

Bill Pay features:

  • Efficient - Most payments are received within two business days. Rush next-day delivery is available; however, there is a fee involved.    
  • Convenient - Receive and pay electronically on your lap top or mobile device
  • Economical - Avoid costly expenses, such as ordering checks and buying stamps
  • Security - No need to worry about lost or misplaced mail
  • Flexibility - Log onto your account and view activity anytime
  • Ease - Once you set up your payees you can pay your bills with a click of the mouse
  • Control - It's your choice! Send a one-time payment or set up a bill to be automatically paid at a later date.
  • Notifications - set up email alert messages for payment reminders, account notifications and important dates
Online Bill Pay is simple to set up and safe to use. Begin paying your bills online today!

How to Enroll in Online Bill Pay

To enroll, log into Home Banking then select Bill Pay to get started automatically.