Nationwide Pet Insurance

 A pet insurance policy can help you plan for your pet’s healthcare—and offset costs for routine care and unexpected illness or injury.

Through our partnership with Nationwide Pet Insurance USECU can help pet owners. By purchasing pet insurance through USECU, pet owners can save thousands of dollars in medical expenses associated with unexpected accidents and illnesses that can happen to your pet. And USECU members receive a 5% discount on the base policy.

So, how does pet insurance work?

  1. Understand what you are buying: Know what is covered and what isn’t—before you need it. Get a clear understanding of how reimbursements and deductibles work.
  2. Choose coverage: Do you need a policy for a dog, cat, exotic pet or an avian?
  3. Pick a plan that works for you: Choose a complete care plan or go à la carte with medical or wellness coverage. Premiums and annual deductibles will vary by plan.
  4. Enroll pets young and healthy: Pre-existing conditions aren’t covered by any pet insurer. Enroll pets when they’re young and healthy to help ensure maximum coverage at a lower cost.
  5. Get reimbursed for vet visits: Pet insurance policies reimburse eligible veterinary expenses based on your plan’s coverage.

How to obtain more information and enroll:

  1. Call 1.877.738.7874. Tell the sales agent that you are a member of U.S. Employees Credit Union and you will receive a group discount on your base policy.

  2. Click here to register!

Insurance products are not deposits of USECU and are not protected by the NCUA. They are not an obligation of or guaranteed by the credit union and may be subject to risk.