Credit Rebuilder


Looking to Rebuild Your Credit?

Our Credit Rebuilder Loan is designed to help you rebuild your credit. Everyone needs help from time to time and USECU is here for you.

Program Basics

The Credit Rebuilder Loan is designed to assist you in improving your credit score. Your credit problems didn’t happen overnight; re-establishing your credit will take time as well.

How does it work?

  • Loans are disbursed for $3500. $2000 is deposited and held in your savings account and $1500 is yours to spend.
  • Once the initial $1500 is paid, held funds will be released with each additional payment.
  • Your steady repayment history is reported to the credit bureaus, thus improving your credit standing.
  • The Annual Percentage Rate is 29.99; the term is 24 months; approximate bi-weekly payments are $97. This includes Debt Protection.  The $50 processing fee can be taken from the loan proceeds.

Credit Rebuilder Loans are subject to USECU credit underwriting guidelines.

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