Checking/Share Draft Accounts

At USECU, we understand that selecting the right financial institution for your Checking account is not easy; that's why we simplify it.  Having a Savings account with a $5.00 balance automatically qualifies you to apply for a no minimum balance and no monthly service fee Checking account. 

When you open a USECU Checking account with Direct Deposit, we will pay for your first box of checks and your Debit card.  View the benefits of a USECU Checking account:



With only a $250.00 bi-weekly ($500.00 monthly) Direct Deposit you can begin taking advantage of all free products.  Your monthly $500.00 can be divided up between your Checking and Savings, provided that it's an aggregate of $500. 


We call our checking accounts "share draft" accounts because when you deposit money in any USECU account, your deposits are actually "shares" in the credit union and your check is actually a "draft" - hence the name Share Draft Accounts.