Debit Card Text Alert Fraud Protection

We’re looking out for you! Sign up for smsGuardian™ service and you’ll receive text messages regarding activity on your debit card. It provides a sense of security by sending texts whenever your USECU cards are involved in transactions often associated with fraudulent activity.

How it works

When you receive a text about transactions you believe to be fraudulent, you will simply reply to the text and your card will be blocked from further criminal activity. When you receive a text about a transaction you authorized, no reply is necessary.


Text notifications include the last four digits of your debit card, merchant name, and the transaction.


You will not receive texts regarding every transaction; you will receive them regarding the following transactions:


  • International Transactions
  • Authorizations Greater than $200
  • 3 or More Transactions in 24hrs                
  • Out of State Transactions
  • Declined Authorizations

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